Towards networking and action for local self-reliance and dignified livelihoods

Vikalp Sutra is open to organisations, institutions, government agencies, businesses, support groups, networks, and individuals, who believe in its core values, and want to come together to learn, share, motivate, participate and activate a collective process of building dignified livelihoods across India – through collaborations cooperation, co-creation, dialogue and ground-level action.

Vikalp Sutra

Vikalp Sutra is a collective, non-hierarchical platform initiated in June 2020, to facilitate dignified livelihoods, workers’ rights and economic democracy in India. It is a response to the severe economic crisis faced by vulnerable communities and individual citizens in the country, due to the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown.  

The vision of Vikalp Sutra is to promote community self-reliance, based on the principles of dignity, justice, equity, peace and ecological sustain-ability. Comprising of civil society, community institutions, local governance bodies, and other support groups and networks, this platform will facilitate vulnerable communities and individuals to exercise their agency in claiming these inalienable rights and values.

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is that which

  • ensures dignity and respect at work
  • guarantees basic minimum income security
  • ensures decent minimum compensation
  • ensures autonomous participation
  • is based on cooperation and mutual benefit
  • is entrepreneurial and helps transcend identity barriers
  • is linked to conservation
  • is linked to NRM
  • is natural resource-based, green livelihoods
  • is protected by labour rights
  • is recognised by citizens and government
  • is remunerative
  • is safe
  • is satisfying
  • is skilled professional employment
  • is socially, financially and environmentally productive
  • is sustainable
  • is valued by the individual
  • matches the needs of the community
  • provides social security
  • safeguards human rights

AjeeWiki is designed as a dynamic and synergistic collective space that shall function both, as a database as well as a collaborative platform, for organisations and individuals working on dignified livelihoods across India to connect with each other.

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A free and locally facilitated HELPLINE for workers (especially informal/ unorganised sector) in livelihoods’ distress. The helpline will respond to the needs of worker’s searching for dignified livelihood opportunities and related support in their home state or otherwise. It will be implemented by interested organisations/ local collectives in their operational sites and enable them to extend necessary support to the callers.

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Sutra Mandali is an online (and physical, in due course) platform for collective knowledge sharing and mentoring on issues and strategies around dignified and sustainable livelihoods.

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