Covid-19 Information Resources

With the increasing spread of a second wave of coronavirus infections across rural and urban India, there is an urgent need to educate volunteers, frontline workers, caregivers and the public at large, with safety protocols for prevention and treatment. This includes generating awareness about ways to take care of the sick, protocols of self-isolation, and to reduce fear and panic among citizens both, to get tested and take the vaccine.

Here, you will find available information, education and communication resources (in different languages), to facilitate awareness and ground level action and support. Please click on the relevant listing to access the materials for use and sharing.

Please note: These resources are being updated on an ongoing basis and are verified as much as possible. However, some information may get dated over time as service and support reduces by providers. This is not an exhaustive collation of such resources.

Please email us to share feedback and/or similar resources, which can be uploaded here.

Awareness Material

This is a collection of available audio-visual and print resources from different organisations and creators, that can be used for awareness and education around Covid-19 prevention, treatment and other responses. These are available under three folders for now, segregated by language, English, Hindi and Regional languages.

Please click on the link to access. We will continue to update this collection with useful material on an ongoing basis. Please use and share this material widely.

English Language 

Hindi Language 

Regional Languages 

Links to Resources

Graam Vaani’s solution to setup Telemedicine helpline
Volunteering Invitiative by Tata
Covid beds, tests, ambulance etc.
Free training for Frontline Covid Workers offered by Tech Mahindra
National Covid Memorial

Links to Videos