Covid-19 Donation Appeals – Other Support

Almost each and everyone across the country has seen a loved one or someone known to them loose their life to the second wave of the Corona virus, mainly due to the lack of necessary and emergency medical support. Individual citizens, family and community members, known and unknown others are trying to help each other and yet it’s not enough. Every Indian citizen, especially the unserved, marginalised and resource poor needs support at this time, and every effort is being made in the direction by diverse groups.

Here, we share donation appeals coming in from the remotest parts of India to the metro cities where millions of unserved and resource poor citizens are on the edge of survival due to lack of medical attention and loss of livelihoods.

Please select the organisation, region and community you want to support and make a donation as best possible.

Help 500 community leaders to support 100,000 households through COVID-19 (comMutiny +vartaLeap)

As the country reels under yet another crisis, we are humbled by the leadership of young people and youth workers in our communities and beyond, who are once again, at the frontlines of COVID-19 response. We need your support to reach 100,000+ families and 1,000,000+ people in the most marginalized and vulnerable communities at this time.

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Covid-19 Digital Emergency Relief Programme 2.0 (DEF)

This will provide support to the 10,000 foot soldiers (soochnaprenuers) who are working to provide prevention necessity kits (pulse oximeters, masks, sanitisers, dry ration). These soochnaprenuers will also work on busting fake news by disseminating information through whatsapp groups/messaging in form of audio, video and infographics. They will share verified resources for local aid through Facebook and Whatsapp.

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