Despair to Hope through Art (Compassion Contagion)

Compassion Contagion

An online archive that records acts of compassion during the pandemic through stories, art, collages and graphic narratives. Compassion Contagion documents stories of solidarity, of connection in the time of social distancing, of lifting someone’s spirits up or helping someone grieve, of healing and being healed, of cooperation, courage, compassion and hope.



Compasion Contagion is collaborating with various artists to raise funds for organisations and individuals who are doing extraordinary work in various capacities for Covid19 Relief.

It is doing this fundraising with four offerings which are heartwarming in more than one way. As a donor, not only are you supporting someone in need but also receiving something beautiful in art:

Saying it with Flowers for ​PerryFerry that works for LGBTQIA+ impacted by Covid in Chennai (Rs.1500+courier)

Receive a Poster for Sikshasandhan COVID-19 relief work in Mayurbhanj, Odisha (Rs.350+courier)

Send a Postcard for Hasiru Dala that is providing food, medical and livelihood support to 6000 affected waste-pickers and supporting children whose families are impacted by COVID-19 in Bengaluru

Collaborating with Ankur Ahuja (@ladycameraman) who will ‘Gift a portrait’ to everyone who donates INR 4,500 to Tycia Foundation in Delhi


Chennai. Bengaluru. Odisha. Delhi


Covid affected LGBTQIA+, Families of Waste Pickers and Covid Warriors.


Rs.350 to Rs.4500 per donor

Organisations being supported



Hasiru Dala

TYCIA Foundation


Despair to Hope through Art