Support single women farmer and labourers in Maharashtra (Makaam)

Makaam (Maharashtra)

Makaam (Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch (Forum For Women Farmers’ Rights)) is a nationwide informal forum of more than 120 individuals and organisations of farming women, of women farmers’ collectives, civil society organisations, researchers and activists, drawn from 24 states of India, to secure due recognition and rights of women farmers in India.

The Mission of Makaam is to make women farmers visible and to create and secure rights over productive livelihood resources (land in particular) as well as entitlements over a variety of support systems, with equal participation of these women in decision-making in various institutions starting family upwards, to ensure empowered, self-reliant, sustainable women’s livelihoods.



Last year during the lockdown, through donations from individuals as well as funds from donor agencies, MAKAAM was able to provide a month’s food supplies to more than 1000 single women farmers in Maharashtra, many who belonged to farm suicide affected households. They were also able to support around 200 women for agriculture inputs for the kharif season. The women also set up kitchen gardens, where they grow chemical free vegetables for food and nutrition security of their family.

The present wave has led to large numbers of people being infected in rural areas and increasing number of casualties as well. Healthcare facilities are overburdened, and without transport facilities, people are finding it even harder to access them. Accessing credit is a major problem, many are already burdened with loans they have taken for healthcare. Although the state government has promised free ration supply, it has not started yet.

The single women of this area are in dire need of support in order to survive this second wave of the pandemic.

Donations collected through this appeal would be used for providing food supplies that are not covered under the ration system to poor, single (widowed/deserted) women farmers and labourers from different parts of Maharashtra.

SOPPECOM ( works as the secretariat for Makaam Maharashtra, and will take the responsibility of receiving donations and coordinating the process with support from other partner organisations.

Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation working in the area of Natural Resource Management (NRM) primarily in the rural areas.


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Makaam is a registered charitable organization in India
All donations are tax-deductible under the 12A 80G

Makaam is a registered under FCRA in India


Support single women farmer and labourers in Maharashtra

If you wish to donate to MAKAAM through an online transfer, please email us using the link below – we will share with you the necessary details.