Help Those Who Have Fallen Through The Cracks Survive The Lockdown (ESG)

Environment Support Group (ESG)

Environment Support Group (ESG) works with a variety of environmental and social justice initiatives across India and the world. We proactively address environmental and social justice issues, collaborating across sectors and disciplines, keeping the interests of local project-affected communities and voiceless ecosystems. The spirit of our involvement is to be sensitive to contextual complexities so that solutions are environmentally and socially just, and deeply democratic.

ESG in collaboration with various civil society organizations and trade unions is helping stranded migrant workers, daily wagers, urban poor & pastoral communities to survive the pandemic and lockdown.

We assist them to continue living dignified lives through the pandemic lockdown. This means they do not have to depend on daily handouts. We provide them at least a week’s stock of dry rations.

We spread awareness and offer basic health kits to help them care for their sick. With the lockdown extended they now need help. Every contribution you make, no matter how small, will help to feed and care for some of them.


Bangalore, Karnataka


ESG has so far helped 160 families from 4 communities with medical kits and one week’s worth of dry rations. With the lockdown extended, they will need further rations in the coming weeks. These communities are:

Currently, we have received calls for support from 500 more families, including the  fishing community residing in the floating village of Champu Khangpok, on Loktak Lake, Manipur. The number is expected to grow beyond 1000 as the pandemic continues to ravage rural areas and lockdowns extend.


Per kit cost: INR 1000 / USD $14.

Total budget: We aim to raise at least INR 10 lacs (USD $14000) more to help the communities we work with.

ESG is a registered charitable organization in India
All donations are tax-deductible under the 12A 80G

ESG is a registered under FCRA in India

Other resources

Other resources will vary based on community needs. They may include basic essentials like masks, soap and sanitizers.


Help Those Who Have Fallen Through The Cracks Survive The Lockdown