Support Kutch Karuna Abhiyan in Covid Relief

Kutch Karuna Abhiyan

We are a collaborative of grassroots organizations in Kutch and seek your support to fight COVID in Kutch. Like the rest of India, Kutch has got engulfed by Covid19, and communities across this far-flung district in India are reeling under the destruction of a flimsy healthcare system. The committee for this initiative includes: Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, SETU Abhiyan, Khamir, K-Link Foundation and Hunnarshala Foundation. The initiative is supported by the following collaborating organisations: Kutch Crafts Collective (KCC), Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan (KNNA),Homes in the City (HIC) and Shishukunj International Foundation (SIF)

This initiative has been started to support unserved communities – daily wage earners, artisans, street vendors, migrants, and other vulnerable communities – in rural and urban Kutch. They are seeing widespread infection of Covid19 and are in dire need of medical rescue and economic support. Given the circumstances, we have launched the following emergency support services:

  • Tele-medicine and e-consultationsupport: A panel of doctors will provide medical advice and counseling to patients in remote villages and urban slums with limited access to healthcare. This being the largest district in India, with far-flung villages, it is imperative that the communities get quick online support facilitated by field volunteers.
  • Distribution of safety equipment and monitoring devicesamongst trained volunteers and community members.
  • Communication campaign: In order to control the spread of the virus, guide patients to the correct set of resources, as well as help people overcome fears of vaccinations and testing. Will use credible influencers from amongst the community, community radio, social media, and volunteers.
  • Community kitchens and tiffin systemsfor COVID affected community members: Needed for families who are infected and quarantined, as well as the old and single women/men facing distress due to the pandemic.
  • Establishing quarantine centersfor COVID patients in gram panchayats (village level councils) and urban slums.
  • Dedicated vaccination campsin collaboration with registered medical institutions.


Three Wards of Bhuj Town which covers 42 slum pockets and 25% of the population in Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat


One lakh families and 20 Group Gram Panchayats covering 75,000 families, including 3000 craft artisans, all of whom have been severely affected by the pandemic.


INR 2,000,000

All donations are tax-deductible under the 12A 80G

KKA is a registered under FCRA in India

Kutch Karuna Abhiyan