Support to Upgrade the Aarohi Health Centre to Combat Covid

Aarohi Arogya Kendra

Aarohi was established in 1992, with  a special focus on natural resource management and curative services. The organisation is situated in.  Satoli, a  village 6.000. ft above sea level in Nainital District of Uttarakhand.

The organisation has worked intrinsically on Education, Health and Livelihoods of the people of the mountain regions, with their key focus being on Holistic Living.


Aarohi Arogya Kendra, in Satoli, is one of the few rural health initiatives in that region, which have been working for the local communities in there for last 2 decades. The health center remained opened throughout the 1st wave of the pandemic in 2020, and continued its health programs and assistance to the community throughout the period. At that time they conducted awareness camps for the community to understand COVID-19.

This year the pandemic has been severe and they have seen a surge of cases in there untouched remote villages as well. Being one of the oldest health centers, the local population flocks to them for all medical assistance, and this time around for COVID19 for which the center needs to re-vamp their infrastructure.

They are seeking donations which will help them purchase aerosol fumigators ; oximeters ; thermometers; concentrators; masks; gloves; face shields; defibrillator; sterilizing machine; sphygmomanometer; PPE kits; HbA1c machine; wheelchair; stretcher; monitor; refrigerator.


Nainital district, Uttarakhand


Communities of Uttarakhand


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Aarohi is a registered charitable organization in India
All donations are tax-deductible under the 12A 80G

Aarohi is a registered under FCRA in India


Aarohi also runs a local school  – Aarohi Bal Sansar, which has remained closed since last year March 2020, but the teachers continue to teach via phone calls and whats app messages and restricted home visits.


Support to Upgrade the Health Centre to Combat Covid