Covid-19 Digital Emergency Relief Programme 2.0 (DEF)

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DEF is one of the world’s leading practitioners in the field of Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). Through all its diverse programmes, projects and activities, DEF seeks to help people living in information darkness overcome the information barrier, learn how to use digital tools and the Internet to achieve greater socio-economic equality by uplifting themselves almost on their own using the power of digital devices to access information and knowledge.

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As the second wave of COVID 19 hits the Indian cities, less visible ones have started emerging in the rural and remote villages. This time, rural India is also experiencing a rise in numbers, i.e., assumed to take a turn of the catastrophe of unimaginable scale if ignored. Moreover, taking into account the fragile condition of rural health infrastructure.

This will provide support to the 10,000 foot soldiers (soochnaprenuers) who are working to provide prevention necessity kits (pulse oximeters, masks, sanitisers, dry ration). These soochnaprenuers will also work on busting fake news by disseminating information through whatsapp groups/messaging in form of audio, video and infographics. They will share verified resources for local aid through Facebook and Whatsapp.


135 Districts in 24 States


This targets to reach

  • General Public
  • Elderly
  • Differently-Abled people
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Frontline Health workers
  • Migrant workers/Daily wage earners


Rs. 50,00,000

DEF is a registered charitable organization in India
All donations are tax-deductible under the 12A 80G

DEF is a registered under FCRA in India
DEF is registered as charitable organization in USA. All donations are tax-deductible under 501 (c)(3).
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Covid-19 Digital Emergency Relief Programme 2.0