It is the time for collective support and community strength as India faces the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please support the organisations and initiatives listed here so that they can continue their work in these difficult times.

This is a Covid-19 related compilation by Vikalp Sutra that includes appeals for donations (in cash and kind) and offers for funding and collaborations to benefit the unserved, underserved and resource poor in rural and urban India. This will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The Donation Appeals section includes requests for funding or in-kind resources to cover emergency medical needs, ration and food needs, livelihood assistance, social and counselling support for women, children and senior citizens, etc.  These appeals are being collated from small, medium and large civil society, social action groups, alternative and people’s movement efforts as well as individual and community citizen initiatives. We invite individual and institutional donors to respond to these appeals on an immediate and urgent basis.

The Funding and Support for Covid-19 Relief section includes calls from donors offering financial aid, for meeting the needs emerging as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that those sharing appeals will find some matching funders on this platform. It also includes information on other kinds of support (technical, volunteer, training, etc.) available. 

The Covid-19 Action Resources section includes available information, education and communication resources (in different languages) to facilitate awareness and ground level action and support. 

The Helplines section includes available helpline numbers from across the country to support a diverse group of people and needs. 

Please share these resources widely and help save lives and livelihoods of unserved, marginalised and resource poor citizens across gender, caste, class, religion, disability and age.

Note: This is not an exhaustive listing of appeals and funding leads, but an effort aimed at sharing and networking to support and strenthen Covid-19 relief and actions at the local level. If you have similar information or are working to support Covid-19 affected perons, please send us your appeals and material and we will upload the same here.

Help 500 community leaders to support 100,000 households through COVID-19 (comMutiny +vartaLeap)

As the country reels under yet another crisis, we are humbled by the leadership of young people and youth workers in our communities and beyond, who are once again, at the frontlines of COVID-19 response. We need your support to reach 100,000+ families and 1,000,000+ people in the most marginalized and vulnerable communities at this time.

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Circles of Solidarity 2.0 Supporting Vulnerable Communities (Greenpeace)

Greenpeace India has kicked the Circles of Solidarity into top gear, to help vulnerable communities during these difficult times. Together with our allies – Urban Kyari and Samadhan Abhiyan, we are procuring produce from 10 sustainable farmers from Palla Bakhtawarpur and distributing nutritious dry ration kits to vulnerable, low-income families from Delhi’s Zamrudpur community.

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Covid-19 Digital Emergency Relief Programme 2.0 (DEF)

This will provide support to the 10,000 foot soldiers (soochnaprenuers) who are working to provide prevention necessity kits (pulse oximeters, masks, sanitisers, dry ration). These soochnaprenuers will also work on busting fake news by disseminating information through whatsapp groups/messaging in form of audio, video and infographics. They will share verified resources for local aid through Facebook and Whatsapp.

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Setting Up A Community Based Emergency Medical Unit (Shapnon Ekhon)

Chittaranjan Park, historically is a closely knitted community based in South Delhii. The community has been set up through tireless efforts of its early residents and has shown wonderful resilience to adversities. The current pandemic has put the community under immense pressure as the residents struggle to get access to basic medical amenities. Shapno Ekhon has proposed to participate in setting up a Community Based Emergency Medical Unit (CBEMU) to provide services to the residents of CR Park.

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Adivasi Community Emergency Covid Resilience Outreach (Dhaatri)

Dhaatri Trust, Hyderabad and field partners in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Gujarat are supporting Adivasi communities to set up their own Community Covid Support Centres where village-level isolation and quarantine facilities, primary medical care, community precautionary measures and public awareness on Covid protocols and Vaccination are led by the local village councils and youth.

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Give Life-saving Covid 19 Medicines and Help Rural India (Milaan)

Milaan Foundation is raising INR 300 / USD $4 per medicine kit for 5000 most vulnerable families needing home treatment for Covid-19 in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. This medicine kit is being created in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow. This will help reduce the burden on hospitals and help start treatment early. Total Budget: INR 1500000 (INR fifteen lakh / USD 2000)

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Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Despair to Hope through Art

Help Compassion Contagion fight Covid-19 in Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Odisha. This will help Covid affected LGBTQIA+, Families of Waste Pickers and Covid Warriors.

Buy some beautiful art to support fight Covid-19!

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Aanchal Kapur Vikalp Sangam

#Covid19 #artforcovid19 #LGBTQIA #FightCovid19
Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Help 500 community leaders to support 100,000 households through COVID-19

Help ComMutiny and The VartaLeap Coalition fight Covid-19 by providing the following services:

Relief Measures:
- Medical services and supplies – oxygen support, oximeters, ambulance services, medicines, isolation facilities and more
- Distribution of COVID Care Kits, PPE kits
- Ration Kits

Recovery through Self and Social Wellbeing:
- Online Group intervention: Support group
- Wellbeing Together: A national campaign

This will be provided in the following areas 15 states of India (detail provided in the link)

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Vikalp Sangam and Aanchal Kapur

#covid19 #foodrelief #medicalrelief #FightCovid
Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Circles of Solidarity 2.0 Supporting Vulnerable Communities

Help Greenpeace India fight Covid-19 by providing 170 ration kits to lactating mothers, Covid-19 patients and other families through door-to-door deliveries using E-rickshaws to househelpers, cooks, barbers, shopkeepers, dhobis, construction workers, autorickshaw drivers, and other essential service workers. Further, they will be providing 60 oxygen concentrators sent by Greenpeace East Asia to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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Vikalp Sangam Aanchal Kapur

#fightcovid-19 #essentialworkers #COVID19 #foodrelief
Vikalp Sutra
As India battles the second phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, Greenpeace India's Circles of Solidarity have once again sprung into action. Together with our al...
Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Support Covid Relief for Adivasi Communities

Help Adivasi Lives Matter fight Covid-19 by providing

- Ration kits during lockdown
- Masks
- Medical kits
- Awareness campaigns for vaccination

The locations for this relief are:

1. Tamil Nadu – Kattu Nayakans, Kurumbas and Paniyans in Nilgiri districts
2. Chhattisgarh – Kamar and Bhunjiyas in Gariaband and Dhamtari districts (Nagri and Magarlod blocks)
3. Tripura – Reang, Kokborok and Mulson tribes from West Tripura district

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Aanchal Kapur Vikalp Sangam Vasudha Varadarajan

#covid19relief #adivasilives #COVID19 #protecttheadivasi #foodrelief #medicalrelief
Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Pardada Pardadi COVID-19 Crisis Support

India’s COVID-19 crisis has hit Anupshaher, Bulandshaher district, Uttar Pradesh. Help Pardada Pardadi Educational Society by providing

- Oxygen related equipment. (Ventilators/ concentrators)
- Medication
- Testing kits
- Hospital expenses
- Transportation
- Food ration kits
- Health kits (facemasks, sanitiser, sanitary napkins)

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Vikalp Sangam Kriti: a development praxis and communication team

#Ruralindia #HelpFightCovid19 #COVID19 #india #relief
Vikalp Sutra
Vikalp Sutra
Give Ration to Poor People Worst Affected by Covid 19 in Rural Maharashtra

Help Navchetna fight Covid-19 and serve the most vulnerable population in Beed, Maharashtra by providing 2500 ration and hygiene kits (sufficient for 30 days for each family).

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Vikalp Sangam Kriti: a development praxis and communication team

#fightcovid19 #covid19relief #foodrelief #Ruralinda