Setting Up A Community Based Emergency Medical Unit (Shapnon Ekhon)

Shapno Ekhon

Shapno Ekhon is a registered organization under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and is engaged in theatre, heritage education and community initiatives.

Chittaranjan Park, historically is a closely knitted community based in South Delhii. The community has been set up through tireless efforts of its early residents and has shown wonderful resilience to adversities. The current pandemic has put the community under immense pressure as the residents struggle to get access to basic medical amenities.

Shapno Ekhon has proposed to participate in setting up a Community Based Emergency Medical Unit (CBEMU) to provide services to the residents of CR Park.

  • The unit will be equipped with emergency medical equipment which would include: A. Oxygen concentrator machines (urgently to be started now)
  • IV stands
  • Wheel chairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Ambulance service (in future)

The unit will be self-financed. The equipment will be provided to residents on rent at reasonable rates to cover maintenance and future upgradation.


Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi


Residents of the community of Chittaranjan Park


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The group has proposed to start the unit by 25th May, equipped with oxygen concentrators, IV stands, hospital beds, pulse oximeters for home use.

To donate contact

Shomik Ray (9873224365),
Shahana Chakravarty (9319611822)